First off, I’m loving Band of Horses these days. I kind of create soundtracks for my days – songs that transport me to spaces I want to be in for a little while, whether it’s daydreaming or serious thinking. Mostly, lately, it’s daydreaming. sigh. I’m not sure why I told you that. I think I’m just trying to explain why sometimes I will listen to “Poker Face” 15 times in a row. You know, in case you catch me doing that.

Second, this was all over FB yesterday even though it’s, like, 2 years old:

It’s cute. Yeah…

It’s just that, about halfway through, I was, well, bored. Maybe it hit a little too close to home. I love my daughter’s imagination but sometimes – sometimes – it’s tiring. Sometimes it’s perfectly acceptable to sit and drool and stare off into space and say “uh huh” over and over as you listen to the longwinded and perfectly-adorable-to-an-outside-party tale who hasn’t heard the litany for the 50 gazillionth time. That’s acceptable, right? God, I hope so. I hope I’m not crushing any spirits here. Don’t think so. Because I’m sneaky about my boredom. A good parent has to be.

See, kids learn things by repeating them. I don’t mean rote memorization like they’ll someday encounter in school. I mean they try out ideas by using them again and again and again until their mothers lose their fucking minds. Cute wears thin sometimes. That’s all I’m saying. Call me a stick in the mud.

Of course, another part of me thought hot damn! I’m going to videotape the elder and let it go viral on youtube! Already my posts about her on FB elicit crazy laughs and all kinds of adoring praise (I do, btw, try to limit these b/c you know what’s annoying as shit? Someone whose every status update is my kids did blah blah blah, something cute/sassy/noteworthy/that definitively proves they are gifted and smarter than your offspring).

Thirdly, I can’t even comment on the fucking house repealing the health care bill or my head will explode. Americans, you just don’t get it, goddammit.

Okay, off to listen to “No One’s Gonna Love You” one more time. Promise.

Update! Thought #4: some goddamn girl scout is going to knock me off my vegan high horse and make me shove wads of thin mints and trefoils in my mouth. Dang. I’ll never get into Vegan Academy now.